Toby and Ninja Katie

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You may be wondering what I’m about to write about but Toby and Ninja Katie are the names of our pets.  Toby is an English Springer Spaniel and Ninja Katie a hyperactive hamster.  I got Toby before I met Phil and long before the girls came along.  When I went to get Toby I took my Dad along too.  I knew there were two left in the litter and hoped Dad wouldn’t want to leave one on his own.  My hunch was right and my Dad got Toby’s brother Sam to keep their enormous black lab (Zeppelin) company.  Sadly Zep has passed so Toby goes to spend holidays with Sam.  The girls always feel sad and miss Toby when he goes away but he has a fantastic time.  Dad lives between 2 fabulous dog friendly locations.  The summers generally spent on his semi-trad narrow boat and the winter on the coast in Oban.  We get daily updates of how Toby is doing with lots of photos, usually of him dripping wet!


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