Yellowstone is epic… apparently!

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Hi, it’s Mummy here as I’m the only one still awake. It’s been a long day and Martha is exhausted! I’ll try and add a little update from Martha in the morning. She’s been asking if she can do a video blog so perhaps we’ll try that and add it in.

Firstly for those who have been struggling with our riddle from yesterday.

If a cowboy rides into town on Friday and three days later leaves on Friday, how does he do it?
The horse’s name is Friday!

Sorry if that’s been driving you mad for the last 24 hours!

Well today we decided to venture into Yellowstone from Cody. It’s about an hours drive to the East entrance of the park from here. I really had forgotten how beautiful this place is, the sun was shining, there’s still snow on the mountains and there are animals everywhere. We decided to stop at the Buffalo Bill dam on the way in and I’m glad we did! (Apart from the part when we thought Martha might fall down the compost toilet!) It’s really well set up with a visitors centre and the staff were super friendly. The volumes of water the dam holds are hard to comprehend but Eliza loved watching it all shoot through the other side. After our stop we reached the East entrance to the park, literally the other side of the kiosk and we saw 3 large bison. Yellowstone really is brimming with life! A little further on we had a play in the snow and despite getting upset that her hands were cold when she touched the snow Eliza was committed to carry on picking it up. One of Martha’s snowballs got Daddy in the head but unfortunately we didn’t get that one on camera. Just after this we saw a marmot run across  the snow and onto the rocks and managed to get some great pictures. We followed the road until we hit the circular road that runs around the park, stopped for a quick ice cream and carried onto the mud pots.

Although I have been really looking forward to this holiday I was also worried that it might be a bit much for the girls or they might get a bit bored in the car. Well today certainly proved me wrong, they have not stopped talking all day and although we have only seen a fraction of the park they have been interested, animated and excited throughout.

When we got home Martha saw a bunny rabbit in the park and managed to do a trick on the rings I had taught her yesterday. Both made her ecstatic and she told me she was going to write about them in her blog.

There are so many photos from today, some taken by myself and some by Martha. Ive tried to narrow them down but there are still a lot! Enjoy!

One thought on “Yellowstone is epic… apparently!”

  1. It looks amazing Jenny and the girls look really happy. Wonderful photos too. They toy on the saddle made me smile and the bit about the compost toilet too . Take good care xx

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