Enjoying the time in between

Ok… so we travelled for 3 weeks almost a year ago.  It was a fantastic experience, we saw some ‘once in a lifetime’ things and and my two children still talk about it constantly! I would love to take them out of school and travel forever but if i’m honest this isn’t a realistic option right now… but perhaps one day.  The thing is I keep getting  asked when we are going back to Yellowstone, when we can go on Safari to Africa or by my Crocdile mad 3 year old when we can visit Australia Zoo. I’ve been telling myself the blog was just for the amazing holidays we might be able to afford once every couple of years then I remembered the essence of the blog is to get kids outside, exploring and enjoying a little bit of adventure.  We have been incredibly lucky to do what we have been able to so far but we have also had some amazing adventures in our back garden too.  I’m going to start looking at some of the amazing things we’ve done and write about them retrospectively but also hope to put a few bits in that help others do the same things too.  I’m going to start with this little video of us climbing a local hill.  The video was really easy to put together on my phone and my daughter helped me to do it.  She loved designing the video, choosing the design, text and music and was absolutely made up when with the finished product.  Although there is a lot of negativity around screen time with children its another way to let their creative minds loose and what a brilliant way to capture their memories!


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