It’s my Birthday!

Yesterday it was my Birthday and I was 8. I woke up and Mummy and Daddy had brought all the cards people had posted to me before we left and got me some small presents to open. I had asked for dollars so I could buy my own things now I am more grown up. It was really exciting to have my Birthday on holiday in the sun. Daddy says this is the hottest Birthday I’ve ever had.

We were quite tired because we were up really late last night watching the space ship so we had a relaxing day. We went to the mall and Disney Springs. I bought myself a new notebook covered in blue fur and silver sequins and some hair chalk to make my hair blue.  Disney Springs was good, we went in


the Lego shop and I made 3 Lego figures of me. In one I was a gymnast, one Harry Potter and one as a cowgirl.

At the end of the day we went for dinner in the T-Rex restaurant. It was inside a big volcano and had dinosaurs that moved. When they brought my pudding out it was a big scoop of ice cream on a chocolate chip cookie with a candle in and they sang Happy Birthday! It was epic!

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards, presents or dollars. I love them all and had a really good day. 😍💕🥰😘

Mum made this video for me 🥰


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