One more sleep!

For quite some time we have had to tell the girls how many sleeps it is until our holiday.  This morning when Martha asked I got the response

‘That’s gone quickly, how can it only be 1 more sleep? We must have missed some days out’.

Well I am glad to say we are almost ready! The thing with going on holiday is that there is so much to do before you go that you feel like you need a holiday to recover.  Trying to pack (without it being unpacked by a 2 year old), making sure the things you want to take are washed, ensuring you have filled the hand baggage with enough to keep two small children occupied for a long haul flight, charging the iPads and loading them with content so that if all else fails in your well thought out bag of goodies you know you’ll be able to keep them quiet with that, trying to leave the house tidy so it doesn’t feel like you’ve been burgled when you get back, finishing everything at work so you don’t leave your colleagues with everything you haven’t got around to, finishing an assignment that you have to hand in today (didn’t mention I’m a student nurse training in Mental Health) and today is my Birthday so I’m going to make time to sit down, put my feet up and enjoy a glass of wine.  Ok maybe just the wine whilst still trying to get everything done before midnight when I turn into a pumpkin.

We’ve been checking the weather around Yellowstone and it’s quite variable at the moment which I think will be perfect.  The thing with Yellowstone is that you really can get 4 seasons in a day.  It would be fab to see some snow, Eliza hasn’t really experienced snow before and is very excited by the prospect.  I will be happy as the snow will make it easier to spot the wildlife and I can test out my new camera.  In contrast to that it would also be nice to have a little bit of heat and sunshine just in case we get another typical British summer when we get back home.

I’m completely new to blogging but the initial idea was that Martha would do most of the writing when we get away.  She loves taking photos so we will use a lot of her pictures in the blog.  There’s many interesting things to learn about Yellowstone as it’s so unique, so I’m going to try and put my teaching qualifications to use and explain some of the geology and nature facts it in a way children will hopefully understand.

Thanks for reading the ramblings of an inexperienced blogger 🙂

Snow in the Rockies!