Yesterday we went to the aquarium it was amazing I got to touch a sting ray and see sharks a sea turtle 🐢 and a lot more. In the evening at sunset 🌆 we went on a boat trip around Boston for the last day in Boston and it look beautiful


Science museum

Today we went to the Boston science museum it was amazing we where coming down the escalator and I may have gotten my trainer stuck in the escalator after my mum and sister had gotten of my dad was still up stairs look at the rest of things and the the whole entire escalator stop and I was stuck and then pulled my foot out of the escalator and a chunk of my heel from my trainer was in the escalator and everyone behind me jolted and wow I was shocked but now I can continue my streak. Every time we go on holiday I break or almost break something a T-rex skeleton the escalator and a lot more every holiday crazy

Good night or morning depending on where you are in the world 😄

A Dinosaur skeleton

Holiday to the white mountain flight

Day 1

We finally arrived in Boston! After a 7 hour plane flight it has been a long time when we arrived at the Boston airport it was 12:42 in England and in Boston it was 7:42 a 5 hour difference to what the England time is and I am exhausted at the moment it is 8:29 (in Boston) and In England it was 1:29 I just feel like if I closed my eye for 1 second I would be fast asleep we only just arrived in the hotel and I just feel like collapsing onto my bed i am that tired anyways best be heading of to bed sconce I am still only a child see you next time


Alligators, Crocodiles and Manatees!

Today we changed our plans and decided to drive through the bottom half of the Everglades. It’s a long road that you drive down to a dead end and then drive back. On the way there we couldn’t find much to look at and it all looked the same. When we got to the bottom it’s a place called Flamingo. This is where the bottom of the Everglades meets the Atlantic Ocean.

We went into the visitors centre and the park ranger told us we should go straight to the marina because it was high tide and that’s when there’s the best chance of seeing manatees. We walked over there and there were 3 manatees playing in the water and swimming around. They like to stir up all the water to feed but it makes it quite stinky. We were so excited we saw them, it was brilliant watching them.

After this we walked up the river and saw some Crocodiles. The Everglades is the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators live together. You can tell the difference because alligators have wider snouts to crunch turtle shells and you can’t usually see their teeth when their mouth is closed but with the crocodile it’s a longer, narrower snout and you can see some of their teeth (if you’re close enough).

We drove back through the park and stopped to do some boardwalks. One of the walks was called the Mahogany Hammock and it’s where the biggest mahogany tree in North America grows. We didn’t see much here apart from some little birds, air plants growing in the bigger trees and lots of insects that kept biting me.

Near at the end we saw a really big Alligator so we stopped to take a picture.


We come home tomorrow so we went for a swim and packed our bags ready for flying home.

P.S. We decided against an airboat ride this time. They don’t allow them in the National Park due to the damage they can cause to the waterways and the protected species that live there. There are lots of places you can do it around the outskirts of the park but we might try it on another holiday somewhere where it does less damage.

Shark teeth and wild alligators!

First we got in our pool then we went for a drive. We went to a special beach called Caspersen Beach. It is special because there are lots of fossilised shark teeth. There were lots of people looking for teeth and fossils with special equipment. We just walked along the coast and found 5 teeth and 3 fossils. The waves were gigantic and I got soaked. On the way back we saw 3 dolphins playing in the waves…….it was epic!!!!!!!!!!!

Next we drove to the Big Cypress National Preserve where we drove past mangrove trees. The trees grow in saltwater. We saw alligators, lots of birds, fish and turtles. We saw vultures eating a turtle, poor turtle 🐢 😢 We took some really cool photographs.

When it got dark we drove to our hotel. Tomorrow we are going on an airboat ride in the Everglades. I can’t wait!


Beach life🐬🧜🏻‍♀️🐊🐠🦜🐚

Since our last blog we have moved from our holiday home in Orlando to exploring the coast. First we travelled to Sarasota. We took the scenic route as you can see where I have drawn it on the map.


We stopped at a shopping mall on the way so it was quite late when we got to the hotel. We went for a Chinese and we got to use chopsticks to eat our dinner. It was really fun but it took ages 😂


When we got up we decided to go to the beach but there’s loads of beaches so we picked the first one we came to. There was a sign to tell you about what the different coloured flags mean and if it is safe to swim. The flag was green so it was ok to swim but if it’s blue it means there might be sharks in the water 🦈 It was really fun and wet. I liked body surfing on the waves but it wasn’t deep enough to swim very well. The sand was white with lots of shells and it went on for miles and miles and miles and I thought it went on forever.

Then we went to get a drink because it was getting really hot.


Mum had found somewhere on her phone that was good for spotting Manatee’s so we walked there but we didn’t see any. We went along the coast a bit further to a nature reserve and found a park so Eliza and I had a play.

After this we we went on a walk through the nature reserve. We still didn’t see any manatees but we did see lots of geckos 🦎, some little burrows but we don’t know what lives in them and lots of other cool things like a giant seed or fruit and big tortoise burrows.

Just as as we were getting back to the car we saw 2 cheeky raccoons scavenging in the bins. One was eating a packet of crisps and the other got a Burger King.

Tonight we went for a swim in the pool at the hotel then went to a local restaurant on the beach for dinner. Mum says it’s a fisherman’s shack. There was a sign in the car park to look out for alligators but we didn’t see any. I’m really tired now so goodnight xxx

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Today we went to the Magic Kingdom. Before we left I asked Mum to put coloured hair chalk in my hair so I looked like the characters from Disney desendants.


We went on lots of rides. I like the really fast ones and Eliza decided she doesn’t after we did Splash mountain. Splash mountain is a really high water ride where you go down a steep drop and water splashes all over you. We all got soaking wet but it is so hot we dried really quickly. This is our picture.


We did lots of other rides. I went on the Buzz Lightyear ride with Dad but Mum had to go on Space Mountain with me because it makes Dad feel sick 🤢



We got got to meet lots of characters. Eliza was really excited about giving Tigger and Pooh a cuddle 😍



We got to watch the parade and wave to all the princesses.


Then we finished the day by watching the fireworks.



Orlando Science Center

Today we went to the Orlando Science Center.

It was engineering weekend so there was lots to learn about robots and circuits. There’s lots of different areas for you to learn about different things. We watched experiments and did some ourselves. Our favourite was extracting DNA from a strawberry and watching the Tesla coil show about how electricity works😊 Eliza liked digging for dinosaur bones.

There’s too much to tell you about so look at our pictures to see what we did then you can ask any questions in the comments.  Enjoy! 😃👩🏼‍🏫👩🏼‍🔬👩🏼‍🔧👩🏻‍🚀


Clearwater beach,swimming and a boat trip!

Today we started with a swim in the pool. We tested out my underwater camera and it was really good fun. Then we drove to Clearwater but the traffic was terrible so we went to the aquarium before the beach. This is where the Winter the dolphin from the film Dolphin Tale lives. She has a prosthetic tail that helps her to swim. We saw lots of animals and I touched a stingray and a sea urchin. It was really cool and the sea urchin felt like the tips of a hairbrush. After that we went on a boat trip to see if we could find dolphins in the wild. We didn’t see any but we saw lots of pelicans and an osprey nest and it was still fun because we got to play games too. We played bingo to find the things we could spot and I won a prize. We went to the beach and we couldn’t find anywhere to park because of all of the traffic. Eliza and I jumped out with Mum and had a play in the beach. We were still on the beach on the dark playing in the sand and it was sooo much fuuuuuun! There was lots going on at the beach when it got dark. There was a street market on the pier and lots of singers. We saw Elivis singing but it wasn’t the real one because Elivis Presley died on the toilet. Epic!


It’s my Birthday!

Yesterday it was my Birthday and I was 8. I woke up and Mummy and Daddy had brought all the cards people had posted to me before we left and got me some small presents to open. I had asked for dollars so I could buy my own things now I am more grown up. It was really exciting to have my Birthday on holiday in the sun. Daddy says this is the hottest Birthday I’ve ever had.

We were quite tired because we were up really late last night watching the space ship so we had a relaxing day. We went to the mall and Disney Springs. I bought myself a new notebook covered in blue fur and silver sequins and some hair chalk to make my hair blue.  Disney Springs was good, we went in


the Lego shop and I made 3 Lego figures of me. In one I was a gymnast, one Harry Potter and one as a cowgirl.

At the end of the day we went for dinner in the T-Rex restaurant. It was inside a big volcano and had dinosaurs that moved. When they brought my pudding out it was a big scoop of ice cream on a chocolate chip cookie with a candle in and they sang Happy Birthday! It was epic!

Thank you to everyone who sent me cards, presents or dollars. I love them all and had a really good day. 😍💕🥰😘

Mum made this video for me 🥰